10 Things We Learned at the Hoops City Classic

Kansas City played host to a massive AAU tournament the week of July 19 and we watched 30+ games over three days.  Here are 10 things to note:

10 – The facilities and organization at Hoops City is as good as you are going to see on the AAU circuit

9 – Marquis Teague – the consensus top point guard in the 2011 class – has great skills but an iffy attitude. Wesley Staten of Kingdom Hoops on the other hand, looked to always play hard and has a legit PG mentality

8 – MOKAN Elite 17s, one of the area’s top teams, is not as strong without Nino Williams who has now headed to Kansas State. The MOKAN 15s might be the best rising sophomores in the country – won Hoop City for their sixth tourney crown

7 – Anthony Davis – 6’9″ PF from Chicago looks like George Goode (without all of the yelling from the sideline). And all of the major college programs were watching him with top coaches such as John Calipari, John Belein and Thad Motta hovering.

6 – More teams than ever are using zones, with no idea how to play them right. But, no AAU coaches seem to know about the short corner, skip passes and reversing the ball so teams are ineffective against even weak zones

5 – Kansas City players that are raising their stock – 6’3″ G Earl Peterson (’12), 5’10” G DJ Cole (’11), 5’11” PG RJ Leverette (’11), 6’9″ PF David Kravish (’11)

4 – Strong KC Players that fly under the radar – 6’7″ PF Tyler Thomas (’12), 6’4″ SF Preston Oakes (’11), 6’5″ SF Jalen Norman (’13), 6’5″ SF Colin Murphy (’12)

3 – KU commit Zach Peters of Team Texas did not show for the tournament

2 – Howard Pulley 17s are loaded with talent including Joe Coleman, Isaiah Zierden and Zach Lofton, all with D1 futures

1 – The Kansas City area has deep talent – smaller schools such as Washburn, Central Missouri and Rockhurst can all find local players beyond the top names that the D1s come to see.  And UMKC and Wichita State should be all over these local tourneys


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1 Response to 10 Things We Learned at the Hoops City Classic

  1. Daquan Wells says:

    If you watch 2 best teams in kc which are mokan and pump then you got to know that mokan has better 15s and 16s and pump has better 17s. I watched mokan 16s in spring and then this week and they are alot better now with their guards. 17s wouldnot beat Pump cuz of my man C Hilliard and pump 15s no way matchin up with bigs on mokan 15s

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